About Jacqueline Wilson

Hugely imaginative in her take on children's literature and her ability to convey serious adult topics within these novels, Jacqueline Wilson is an acclaimed writer. She covers controversial and ignored themes in this genre, such as divorce, adoption, and mental illness. She earned the Guardian Prize in 2000, and the British Book Award in 2000 and 2003. Born in Bath, she grew up in Kingston-upon-Thames, where she lives to this day in a beautiful Victorian villa. Her first book was penned at the age of nine. It was called "Meet the Maggots", a story about a family with seven children. In 1991, Jacqueline produced her breakthrough novel, "The Story of Tracy Beaker". Published by Doubleday, it became a series of seven novels thus far, many of which have been adapted for television. In all, Jacqueline has written over a hundred books. She states that it is her mission to write for every audience and age group, so that she can be a friend and prepare them for what they may expect in their futures. Jacqueline experienced personal loss when her husband of nearly 40 years left her for another woman. Their daughter, Emma, born in 1967, is a professor at the University of Cambridge. Jacqueline's novels are normally from the first-person narrative, giving readers the ability to relate more with the protagonist. She has sold over 30 million copies of her books in the United Kingdom. Though she is a voracious writer, she takes time to read at least one book a week that she places in her over 15,000 book home library.

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