About Jeremy Clarkson

Best known for his work on the long-running BBC series, Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson is a connoisseur of cars. Top Gear is an automotive television programmeme combining factual television programmeming and humour. In this programmeme, Jeremy works as a presenter alongside Richard Hammond and James May. Jeremy's prominence in television has earned him many guest spots on British television programmemes. After criticism based on Jeremy's relaxed style, he was invited to go on the makeover show "What Not to Wear". However, the makeover did not go as planned, with Jeremy not agreeing with any of the suggestions. He stated that he would never return to the show again. The presenters on "What Not to Wear" are not the only people who have disapproved of Jeremy's style. Some have blamed a dip in the popularity of jeans in the mid-1990s, particularly Levi's, to be Jeremy's fault. Dubbed the "Jeremy Clarkson Effect", jeans worn by a middle-aged man were seen as less appealing. Despite his fashion faux-pas, Jeremy is regarded as an expert on automobiles and a well-known journalist and novelist. He writes weekly columns for "The Sun" and "The Sunday Times". In addition, he has written several humourous books about cars and other subjects of personal interest. His tongue-in-cheek personality has gained him much admiration and disapproval. He is an avid collector of motor vehicles, owning or having owned various Volkswagens, Mercedes, Fords, Range Rovers, Volvos, Lamborghinis, BMWs, and even an Aston Martin. As a 2007 Christmas present, his wife, Frances Cain, bought him a Mercedes-Benz 600.

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