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A king size bed frame is called that because it fits a king size mattress. The frame itself is always a bit bigger than the mattress and sometimes substantially bigger, so make sure to measure your bed frame for a fit with your home.

King size bed frame models come in many styles, from clean lined futuristic to baroque four-poster antiques. The variety is huge and it's sure that one bed frame or another will fit your decor.

About King Size Bed Frames

Your bed is where you spend a good chunk of your life, and you want it to be as comfy as possible. Investing in a well-made king size bed frame can make all the difference to your sleep and your quality of life. A bed frame is the central component of a well-structured bed, providing support for the mattress and box spring and working with headboards and footboards to give a bed the look and feel of a substantial piece of furniture. A king size bed frame may be a very minimal design in a material, such as metal, that homeowners can then dress with a bed skirt. Wooden platform beds are another popular choice and rule out the need for a box spring. Look for a king size bed frame that complements the decor of a bedroom; anything from a classic four-post frame to an Italian laminate bed frame may be the right match for your sense of style. You may feel like a king in a king size bed, but you will sleep like a baby.