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About Linn LP12

Bring your listening experience to the next level with the Linn LP12. This high-end turntable offers a rich alternative to digital music sources, extracting as much information as possible from each record in order to produce unbeatable results. The core of this extraction lies in the turntable's simplicity. A low-noise, single-point bearing keeps the table moving smoothly, eliminating unnecessary noise and maximising the music's integrity. Vibration and feedback quickly ruins a listening session, but the Linn LP12's solid wood plinth, stable arm, and suspended sub-chassis provide the stability needed for uninterrupted playback. Its real wood finish ensures this turntable looks as great as it sounds, making it easy to work into almost any existing home audio set-up. eBay offers fully functional Linn LP12s as well as replacement parts, allowing you to enjoy the experience for the first time or breathe new life into an existing machine. By purchasing this turntable, it will provide you with the sound you have been looking for.