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About MacBook A1342

The Macbook A1342 is a 13-inch multimedia laptop with a strong polycarbonate shell. The LED backlit screen has a high resolution of 1280x800, providing users with a clear image for photographs or films. It has a Core 2 Duo processor, which allows it to perform many tasks quickly while still reducing energy costs. Full HD videos played from the hard drive are smooth, even on the full screen. Available on eBay, this Macbook features 2 GB of RAM as standard and 250 GB of hard drive space and space to double the internal hard drive capacity. If you need extra storage, simply purchase a Mac-compatible external hard drive or solid state drive and connect to the Macbook, With a NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor and a dual layer DVD-RW, this Macbook model is powerful and versatile, delivering high-quality graphics and quick DVD-RW read and write speeds. Take your computing experience to a whole new level with a Macbook A1342 and enjoy a powerful machine with a robust, durable shell.