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About Masquerade Ball Masks

Add an air of mystery to your next party with masquerade ball masks. These fancy dress accessories can be simple, elegant, or sexy. They are available in many styles on eBay for both men and women. Venetian masquerade ball masks cover the eyes and feature feathers and elaborate beadwork. You can also find masks made of lace or sequins. Metal filigree versions with diamante details are ideal for Halloween. The masks typically fasten behind the head with a ribbon or have an elasticated band, but for a regal appearance, there are masks on decorative sticks that you hold in place over your eyes. Many wear their masks with traditional masquerade ball costumes, but some pair them with modern party clothes. When the party is over, either protect the mask in a box or display it on the wall. Have your guests wear masquerade ball masks at your next gathering and enjoy the fun that comes with anonymity.