About Match Attax

The highest selling sports collectibles in the world, Match Attax are the official trading cards of the Premier League and widely collected by boys and girls in the UK. By some estimates, over 1.5 million kids in the UK collect and trade these commemorative cards. A recent acquisition by the manufacturer of these cards, Topps Europe ltd., of the Deutsche Football League has expanded their already impressive catalogue and engaged more new fans. Collectors of these trading cards look for their favourite players and even collect entire football squads to complete a collection. Cards are sold as singles or in bundles. There are also card catalogues that children can use to compile their collection. Each card made by Match Attax typically features an action shot of the player on the front and statistics for the player on the back. Cards can also be created for special events, major championships, or to classify players with a special statistical distinction, such as the Premier League Hundred Club for players who have made more than one hundred goals. A signed card is, of course, a much coveted collectible amongst fans of the Match Attax series. A signature on a card can add to its value, both from a monetary and personal perspective. For fans of football and the skilled, masterful players who make up the Premier League, Match Attax cards can be the ultimate way to get to know their favourite players, relive favourite moments in the sport, and engage other fans of this exciting game.

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