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MK Sentry 32 amp RCBO 30ma MCB/RCD B Type - 7936s

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Electricity is vital for keeping all of your appliances running, but without a circuit breaker, there is no safe way to stop the flow of current in an emergency. An MK RCBO is residual current breaker with overcurrent from the MK brand. It is a type of circuit breaker with two specific functions. Firstly, to protect life by preventing overloads and electric shocks that could result in death. Secondly, to protect an excess flow on a circuit or a short circuit. An MK RCBO is installed by electricians when there is a need to stop an overload on a particular circuit. If you need a unit for a new installation, then you can find it listed by reliable sellers on eBay. The device typically has two circuits for detecting problems. If either of these are activated, it suggests that there is current leakage to earth caused, for example, by someone changing a light bulb and touching the live wire of the light. In this case the MK RCBO breaks the circuit to prevent any harm.