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Popular in the 60s, mod clothing represents a different era. With sleek, stylized pieces like pinstripe suits, mini dresses, chunky heels, bell-bottoms and floral prints, this colourful style epitomises the decade. Shades of avocado green, bright orange, sunshine yellow and rust dominated the clothing, along with touches of black and grey.

For a true 60s look, accentuate your mod clothing with vintage accessories, such as square sunglasses, plastic belts, silky scarves and checkerboard handbags for a fun, creatively inspired wardrobe.

About Mod

The origins of the mod style began in London in the late 1950s. Disillusioned with the American influence of rock and roll, many British teenagers longed for their own identity. The subculture that they created developed its own direction when it came to music and clothing. Due to their enthusiasm for modern jazz, the style they pioneered was termed modernist '“ later shortened to 'mod'. Musical tastes broadened to include ska, R&B and soul. The Lambretta scooter became the iconic form of travel, combined with a distinctive style in clothing. Increasing Post-War affluence meant that the young generation had money to spend. They wanted modish clothing and boutiques, such as the ones found in Carnaby Street, flourished. The clothes that they bought were generally expensive. Young men wanted tailor made suits fashioned from expensive material such as mohair. The sophisticated style was based on the Italian look that incorporated narrow lapels with sharp pointed collars. Winkle-pickers were the desired footwear. Hair was cropped short in imitation of the French movie stars. In addition, mods had a penchant for the fish tail parka '“ a coat originally worn by US soldiers in the Korean War. After The Who wore RAF roundels during their early concerts, the symbol was adopted by the mods and used to adorn their clothing. The stylish look was a reaction to what was considered to be the stale style of every mod's nemesis, the rocker. The mod style saw a revival in the seventies and eighties thanks to the popularity of bands such as The Jam. To get the mod style, try authentic Harrington jackets, and take a look at a range of retro and genuine vintage mod suits including the classic Two-Tone style. Mod shoes are available in all sizes and styles as are the iconic fish tail parkas. Mod target bags and T-shirts can also be purchased along with mod style shirts. Lambretta themed accessories can also be bought.