About Netbook

When netbooks first hit the market back in 2007, everyone was in awe and considered them to be the latest and greatest electronic gadgets. At the time, it was considered a real feat to make a computer so small. Just a few years earlier laptops were as thick as bricks and were nearly as heavy. Now there were tiny, slim, and half the price of a regular laptop. Netbooks are around half the size of an average laptop and run on the same operating systems as regular computers, meaning that they can do everything a larger PC can despite being so small. Naturally, being so portable makes them easy to use on the go. Though their keyboards are smaller and not as easy to use, they are still just as user friendly as a laptop is. Of course, there are downfalls to having a smaller computer. For example, they do not come with as much memory or hard drive space and they have a lower battery life. Even with these setbacks, though, they still are a good fit for their demographic. The majority of the people who purchase netbooks get them as a second laptop to have for classroom lectures or long trips, and the other buyers usually choose netbooks for their affordability because these people only use computers for basic things like web browsing and e-mailing. When it comes to shopping for netbooks, the process is pretty easy because netbooks vary less in features than laptops do. There are only a few sizes to choose from and a limited range of memory and hard drive space available.

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