About Nickelback

When thinking about rock music, it isn't Canada that usually springs to mind. However, mega band Nickleback has raised the bar in popular rock music and have created a bridge between them and their North American cousins. Started up by brothers Chad and Mike Kroeger, friend Ryan Peake, and cousin Brandon in the mid-nineties, Nickleback named themselves after Mike's experiences working at Starbucks. Despite being big rock stars who now live in hill top mansions, probably driving about fifteen cars, Nickelback had to start small like any other band. After spending a few years touring, they had their first albums, "Curb" and "State". After a few Spinal Tap style line-up changes the Canadian rockers started to find a following. They got signed to the Road Runner label in the early naughties and they never looked back. With a new contract in hand, Nickleback toured with other big groups including Creed and Silverchair. They wanted to breakout into America and their third offering, "Silver Side Up" which featured the massive "How You Remind Me" let them hit the big time. It made number one in the U.S. and Canada and was huge with students in the UK. Despite some bashing from music critics their albums sell over 5 million copies and rack up YouTube hits with their amazing video for "Rockstar". Whether you like them with a slight twinge of irony, or you are a fully signed up member of the Nickelback fan club, there is no denying that this band have produced some of the hottest pop rock in the 21st century.

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