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Finnish communications corporation Nokia, headquartered in Espo, Uusimaa, provides quality consumer electronics and related items and services such as mobile devices, smartphones, Internet service, and game applications.

One of the devices for which Nokia is known best is its cellular phones. From the Lumina to the Nokia classic, this company has been providing you with quality telephone access for years, with each product designed to help you communicate freely.

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About Nokia - Mobile & Smart Phones

Nokia is a telecommunications brand most famed for its industry leading range of mobile telephones. However, the Finnish company's roots surprisingly date back to 1865, when mining engineer Frederik Idestam began manufacturing paper near the town of Nokia. In 1871, with the help of statesman, Leo Mechelin, Idestam renamed his brand Nokia to coincide with their location. By the end of the 19th century, Nokia began venturing into electronics. Nokia Corporation manufactured a wide range of industry-varying goods throughout the 1960s including communication cables, televisions, personal computers and military communication devices. By the 1990s, the company focused all of their efforts on telecommunications, owing to the industry's rapid expansion. First Mobile Phones. The first hand-held mobile telephone from Nokia was released in 1987. The 'Mobire Cityman 900' weighed 800g - comparably light to its rival models - and cost around£3,850. Notable Models. The Nokia 3310 went on sale in the year 2000 and is still known for being one of the most recognised mobile phones of all time. The Nokia N95 was released in 2007 and featured an impressive five megapixel camera. It was so revolutionary that national UK newspapers issued their journalists with the phone in order to capture photographs and video footage when out on the field. The Nokia E71 was available in 2008 and is memorable for being Nokia's first mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard, in order to contend with the increasingly popular Blackberry range. Today, Nokia have entered the smartphone world and their Lumia range has proven extremely popular in the face of stiff competition. Celebrities such as Holly Willougby and James Corden have endorsed the model. Nokia shows no signs of slowing down, and is as technologically astute and distinguished as it was a century ago.