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About Owl Cushions

Owl cushions are quirky, cute decorative features that are suitable for displaying within the home. Although the shape, decoration and choice of fabric may vary, owl cushions are designed and produced to resemble an owl?s head and body, with the large round eyes of the owl being the most prominent feature. The cushion itself may be designed in the shape of the owl or may simply feature a portrait of the owl on the front cover of the cushion. Common uses Like other countryside animals, owls have become a popular motif with children, so owl cushions are commonly used to adorn children?s bedrooms and nurseries. However, they are also popular with adults, and may be used as a focal point in living rooms, bedrooms and other areas of the home. An owl cushion can be used as a small pillow or as a throw cushion for purely decorative purposes. Design Owl cushions can be bought from branded retail stores, but are also popular with crafters who enjoy making their own cushions. Whether store bought or homemade, owl cushions often have a vintage quality, which is achieved by using a variety of colourful, floral and patterned fabric in the overall design. The features of the owl, particularly the large round eyes, beak and feathers are often enhanced with decorative stitching, buttons, patchwork and appliqué, which gives the opportunity for the designer to achieve a unique finish. The cushion is finished by filling it with stuffing to give it a soft, plump shape.