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About Pashmina Shawls

A pashmina is a versatile addition to any woman's wardrobe. Offering a combination of warmth and style, these modern shawls are useful accessories that can transform a wide variety of outfits. Pashminas are available in a huge choice of materials. On warmer days, chiffon and cotton are popular choices as they offer a lightweight and portable layer for when the weather turns cool. Thicker materials, such as velvet and velour, will provide extra warmth and look great with evening or winter clothing, while silk and satin add a luxury element to evening wear. This wide range of fabrics also means that pashminas are available at many different price levels, and can be used as either inexpensive accessories or as extravagant additions to important outfits. A huge variety of colours and patterns are available, making it easy to find a pashmina to match every style. These feminine shawls are often enhanced with embellishments, such as sequins and beads, which transform the pashminas from simple, practical layers to eye-catching accessories. Many pashminas feature tassels around the edges, while others are constructed with intricate crochet patterns. Because of the huge variety of styles, pashminas can be the perfect match for casual, daytime outfits and also for dressy, evening and formal occasions. Pashminas have also become popular as an extra layer over bridal wear. Shawls can be found in fabrics and colours that will match wedding dresses and keep the bride warm without distracting from her gown. Alternatively, a delicate style in a contrasting colour or fabric can create an eye-catching, unique bridal outfit.