About Phantom of The Opera

A shadowy figure moves among the darkened corners of the Paris Opera House, coming forth from his abode in the watery labyrinths below to listen to the beautiful voice of his beloved. Disfigured, the Phantom pines away, hoping to one day claim her heart as his own, but knowing in truth that he hopes in vain. Based on the hit musical of the same name, "Phantom of the Opera" follows the struggle of the Phantom, a musical genius, garner the love of his heart's desire, the beautiful and talented Christine Daae, his young protegee. Intrigued by him, and maybe even attracted to his dark side, she does not truly love him. In fact, Daae's heart belongs to another, her childhood sweetheart Raoul. A story of eternal unrequited love, the film takes the watcher on a journey of romance, betrayal, and eventual acceptance as the story's villain/hero resigns himself to forever being alone. Finally, he realises that true love doesn't own the heart it seeks, but waits for it to come on its own accord. The most recent film incarnation of this classic contains Gerard Butler as the primary player, the Phantom. Emmy Rossum plays the part of his beautiful love interest, Christine Daae. Patrick Wilson takes on the role of Raoul, the foil to any chance of a relationship between Christine and her dark admirer. Moving in its implementation, the film has found a way into the hearts of many. Though nominated for many awards, the film only received one honour, a Saturn Award won by Emmy Rossum for Best Performance by a Young Actor. This classic has also spawned an award-winning soundtrack. You can find both the film and soundtrack online.

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