About Picture Frames

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture frame is worth at least a long paragraph. Regardless of the quality of the picture or the beauty of what it depicts, without the proper framing, there is something of the complete package that is never achieved. A picture frame is not just an accessory used to augment the picture it houses; it is much more than that. Picture frames shape and stage the picture in a manner that appeals to the observer and delivers the sense of completion. A properly done picture frame can sometimes be as valuable to the overall impression a painting or image gives off as the image itself, and depending on the requirement of the picture, it can be a very outspoken element on one image or something that is barely noticed on the next. The variety of styles, shapes, materials, and colours of picture frames can literally boggle the mind, and when choosing the right frame for the right picture, personal taste and preference are the rules of the day. Historically, the most common picture frame material has been wood, but there are many types of metallic and plastic materials that are becoming increasingly popular alternatives. Perhaps one of the most important selections one can make regarding a picture frame is the style of the decoration adorning the frame. Many designs are elaborate and feature intricate carvings and shapes that create their own seeming artwork to augment whatever picture or painting they complete. Others do their job effectively by just being plain and unobtrusive. Whichever style or material you prefer, whether elaborate or simple, a picture frame is nearly as important as the picture that it contains.

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