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About Pocket Wizards

The PocketWizard was developed by Vermont-based company Lab Partner's Associates (LPA) in the late 1980s. Now a market-leading and indispensable tool for professional photographers around the world, this wireless trigger for off-camera lighting (originally known as the FlashWizard radio slave) was first designed for an architectural photographer who decided that his modified garage door opener was insufficient for triggering some of his shoots. Since the first line of commercially available PocketWizard devices in the late 1990s, the company's product range has expanded considerably, with models suitable for all needs ? regardless of complexity. All models work via a transmitter connected to the camera, which triggers a receiver and remote flash unit connected together by PC cord. The company's low-end or starter device is by far their easiest to use. The PlusX features 10 standard channels and is straightforward to set up; one device is attached to the camera, another to a remote flash unit, and both are set to the same channel. At the higher end of the range is the PocketWizard MultiMAX, which utilises advanced trigger time control software to give full creative direction to the photographer. Among other sophisticated features, it has 32 channels, all accessed at the push of a button, quad-zone triggering to activate four separate zones, and an integrated intervalometer to capture up to 10,000 exposures over eighteen hours. Alongside the core PocketWizard product range, the company also offers a wide variety of specialist transmitters, transceivers, receivers and adaptors, as well as other accessories such as hard or soft shields and gear bags.