About PlayStation 3 Games

The Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) console features a total of around 772 games, including options for all ages and levels of interest. Though PS3 is largely considered to be a harder, more adult-oriented platform than the more family-friendly Wii, there are still multiple games for the younger and less-involved gamer within the PS3 collection of game titles. Released in 2006, this revolutionary console paved the way for greater advancements in technology and digital gaming. It paved the way for the development of the surreal world of modern gaming, creating a world that gamers could easily become engrossed in for hours. Since its released over 70 million copies of the device have been sold and countless copies of the near-thousand video games. Of the 772 games on Playstation 3, a remarkable 621 titles are exclusive to the PS3 games network and not available for play on any other console devices. After years of being on top of the gaming industry, several of the older PS3 games have developed into classics. Some of the top-rated games of all time for the console, considered must haves for a newbie building up their gaming library include: BioShock Infinite, Far Cry 3, and Dishonored. PS3 consistently outranks other devices like the XBox 360 console for annual sales. Its predecessor, Playstation 2 is still the highest selling video game console in history. As the Sony corporation prepares to release Playstation 4 in late 2013, we will see if this ingenius company can make history again, beating their own record for sales, while continuing to blow Microsoft out of the water.

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