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Kids and the young at heart were jumping and rotating in place with delight when RC helicopters first came out. Remote control cars are good and fine, but not as good as flying devices.

Find complete models, vintage and contemporary, untouched or rebuilt, as well as parts and accessories for every RC helicopter aficionado. Did you inherit a model from a dad, an uncle, or older brothers? Make it your own through customisation and upgrades. Update the fuselage and aeronautics, or fully renovate the body with expansions and new additions. You can even use these toys as sophisticated monitoring devices or a unique take on videos by installing a camera.

About RC Helicopter

There are a number of design differences in radio controlled helicopter models, and it is these differences that usually determine the required skill, as well as the capability of the helicopter itself. Helicopter size, rotor pitch, fuel type, and the number of channels are all important factors. These factors should be considered important when looking to buy a radio controlled helicopter, regardless of whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift for somebody else. A fixed pitch helicopter means that the rotor blade angle is fixed and, while this usually prevents the helicopter from being able to perform rolls and other complicated manoeuvres, it also makes it easier to control. Fixed pitch models are usually preferred by beginners, while a collective pitch mechanism enables the rotor blades to be controlled at different angles, giving considerably more agility and making the control of the helicopter more advanced. The number of channels that an RC helicopter has, effectively means the number of functions or controls it can perform. The minimum number of channels for most models is four, allowing for control of the throttle, rudder, aileron, and elevation. Some RC helicopter models offer six channels, with the two extra controls differing according to the model of helicopter. Landing gear or lights are some of the possible options. The range of radio controlled helicopters available has increased significantly over recent years. While petrol models were usually used outdoors and electric ones indoors, larger and more responsive electric models can now be flown outside, giving greater control and more enjoyment from the machine.