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About Reclaimed Timber

In a world that is becoming more and more environmentally aware, two words have increased in popularity - recycling and upcycling. While many people are already familiar with the concept of recycling used materials, upcycling is something that is unique, and it involves taking discarded and complete items to turn them into something new. Reclaimed timber is usually taken from demolished buildings, railway tracks and other similar areas, and although it may have sustained minimal damage over time, it is still suitable for a wide variety of uses. Reclaimed timber can be purchased in its simplest form, such as a collection of beams, planks and sleepers, and untreated products are ideal for DIY enthusiasts that want to apply their own varnish or other finish to the wood. Alternatively, many vendors offer reclaimed timber that has already been treated, and this can be useful when purchasing large quantities of wood that would be time-consuming to treat. With these building materials, the concept of upcycling comes into play, and any projects that are made from this wood could automatically be considered 'upcycled' - this means that it has been made from materials that were originally intended for landfill, or a lifetime of being left to rot. Furniture is also available that has been made from reclaimed timber, and tables are a popular product in this area. A small amount of additional products are usually used to put it all together, but the overall effect is that the working life of the timber has been increased dramatically. Shelves are particularly suited to this form of manufacturing due to the shape of reclaimed timber.