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A scuba diving regulator does what its name says, which is regulating the pressure of scuba diving equipment that use pressurised breathing gas. Featuring one or more valves, the regulator reduces the pressure coming from the source in order to control the pressure delivered to the diver.

There are multiple brands of regulators available, including Apex and Mares. Scuba diving regulator models come in various sizes, so it is important to choose one that goes well with your equipment.

  • Mares MV Octopus Diving Regulator (without hose)

    Mares MV Octopus Diving Regulator (without hose)

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    Its limited weight, minimum space requirements, and symmetrical and compact shape, make the scuba regulator MV the ideal octopus. • Hi-Viz yellow cover and hose. Compact and lightweight.
  • scuba diving regulator

    scuba diving regulator

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    Apex TX40 + Suunto 3 way console and direct feed hose. Compass is sticking so best replaced.
  • Diving Regulators

    Diving Regulators

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    Collection of used diving regulators:1 First stage (US Divers) 2 Second stage (US Divers Oceanic Delta) 2 Consoles (SPG and depth) 1 Alternate air source (US Divers) 1 LP inflator hose.
  • Diving


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    XLE Dacor pacer second stage Dacor 360 A clamp first stage. Aqua lung depth and pressure gauge. All in.
  • Diving regulators Octapus rig oceanic

    Diving regulators Octapus rig oceanic

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