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Roberts Radio has been building quality and stylish radios since the 1930s. Whether you want that iconic Revival radio you had as a child or a radio to put in your pocket for your next walk in the park, you are sure to find what you need.

While vintage radios are still available, Roberts Radio is at the frontier of radio technology and builds Internet radios, world radios, digital, and Bluetooth radios. You do not just have your local analogue stations to choose from anymore. Listen to whatever it is you want to listen to and let a Roberts radio make it possible.

About Roberts Radio

Roberts Radio, a renowned radio company in the United Kingdom since 1932, offers eco-friendly, top quality portable radios. Roberts Radio sells to multiple countries across the world. An abundance of different types of Roberts Radios are found on eBay, including analogue, Bluetooth, CD, pocket, clock, eco-friendly, portable, revival, world, sound system, Internet, and clock. All of the products by this company are high quality and extremely reliable based on customer reviews and have been for over 80 years. Roberts Radio is also concerned with the environment ensuring that their radios include improved battery life and have less power consumption than competitor radios. Roberts Radio also recycles old and unused radios. This innovative company continues to grow and develop, making radios that are relevant to the world today. A Roberts Radio is sure to add to the musical entertainment of your life, while also giving you confidence in quality and durability.