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The classic symbol for love, a rose smells as good as it looks. The durable plant makes a lovely addition to gardens and come in many shades, including pink, white, purple, and yellow. Create a pleasing display with an arch and climbing blooms in your garden.

Clip the flowers and create beautiful bouquets, or use the petals to scent your bath water. Once you decide on your favourite, create a softly scented floral escape in your garden.

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About Rose - Garden & Patio

There are at least a hundred different species of roses, whether growing as climbers, trailers, or different sizes of bushes, and usually cultivated for their flowers rather than foliage. They are one of the most popular residents of UK gardens and homes, as well as being a staple for bouquets and other floral arrangements. Many are also welcomed into gardens for their scent. Some are seasonal, others can flower right throughout the year. Climbing roses (sometimes also called rambling) can feature clusters of flowers and are often used to decorate the sides of buildings, cover sheds or twine round specially-built trellis or other shapes. They can be trained to form arches as an entrance to your garden. You'll be able to find some of these frames and materials here. Like all rose options, a wide range of colours can be considered from vibrant deep reds, pinks and oranges, to more subtle yellows and creams. Rose bushes come in a variety of shapes and heights, your choice depending on how you wish to use them. For example, taller bushes with a glossy green foliage, and not too many thorns, tend to make good hedging roses. Compact hybrid tea roses are more often found in general border plantings. Strongly scented varieties can add something extra to a mixed border. If you wish to grow your roses from seed, you'll find a wide range of choices here '“ including both rare varieties and some unusual colours. Once you know how you wish to use your roses, whether for their flowers or scent, in a shrubbery, as a climber and so on, you'll certainly have plenty of stunning choices to consider here.