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Lay down some track, buy a racing Scalextric toy car in 1:32 scale and let the fun begin. The car patterned after a real vehicle is also available in sets, providing essential equipment for racing out of the box.

Buyers design their own circuits and increase their size by purchasing separate track pieces. Join other Scalextric toy car enthusiasts ranging from age 7 and up, including retirees and those who race as a hobby or become involved in organised racing clubs.

About Scalextric

The history of Scalextrix dates all the way back to 1952 and a clockwork-powered car designed by B¨Freddie¨ Francis for the Scalex company. When the toys' popularity started to wane, Francis looked for a way to develop the product and generate fresh interest. In 1957 he took his first cars to run on an electric track and the Scalextric that we all know and love had arrived. It was a blessing and a curse, as Scalex simply couldn't keep up with demand and sold the company. The trademark has been passed around since then, and now belongs to Hornby. Most Scalextric cars are 1:32 scale, although smaller and larger sets have been produced at various times. Virtually every major racing and sportscar have been represented over the years and some originals are highly sought after by the collectors. There is a thriving scene in older cars and, like toys, they are worth more if they have never been played with. As well as developing over the years, with new digital technology and more easily assembled tracks that have made Scalextric more accessible to children, Scalextric has remained popular among older enthusiasts. There are countless fans around the world with a room devoted to Scalextric and they don't just focus on the ultimate track, many of them create the whole circuit. That means there's a thriving market for accessories, from trees to line the track through to pit crews and circuit buildings.