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About Scrap Gold

You might be surprised at what qualifies as scrap gold. Of course, there are a few particular items that come to mind first, such as old, unwanted jewelry including broken watches, necklaces, rings, and brooches, all of which undoubtedly qualify. However, there are other sources: even certain types of old electronics, such as pieces of circuit boards from computers and cell phones, can contain traces of scrap gold, although it can sometimes be difficult to identify. Many people are interested in buying—and sometimes reselling—types of scrap gold, whether to make some easy money or for other personal reasons. The value of such scrap gold is directly related to the item's carat and weight: the more pure the gold, meaning the fewer other metals there are mixed in with the gold, the higher the carat and the more valuable the item. Pure gold is denoted as 24 carats. No matter your reason for buying scrap gold, eBay contains a plethora of options.