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American company Shure makes various types of audio devices, but headphones and microphones are perhaps their most popular consumer products. Sidney Shure started the company back in 1925 and initially sold radios. Today, this company has expanded into various products, including phonograph cartridges, personal monitors, earphones, and other devices.

The Shure Unidyne is one of the most recognisable mics in the world and was popular among politicians and musicians back in the mid-20th century, with people including Ella Fitzgerald and John F. Kennedy using this particular model. The 55 Unidyne was, in fact, an inanimate witness to many of history's famous events, such as Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and Fidel Castro's Life Magazine cover photo. This iconic microphone is not only like owning a piece of history, but also offers a superior sound recording quality.