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Relaxing in your favourite chair, sitting up in bed reading, or watching television are enjoyable activities, but they become even better with a side table on which to place coffee or a book. Choose from the many styles, including modern glass, traditional oak, and chic chrome.

Two-tier side tables provide additional storage on the bottom, and drawers further stowing possibilities. Add a vintage design to your home for a shabby chic look, or save space with a nesting side table nest.

About Side Tables

Gone are the days when a side table was simply another wooden surface to clutter up with teacups and old newspapers. Today there are so many different and bespoke versions of side tables on the market, so it is impossible not to find one which is perfectly suited to your needs. Glass side tables add a modern touch to any room and could not be easier to clean. Choose a square model if your side table will sit in the corner or a room, or a round version for a sofa-side table. By introducing new shapes to your living room furniture you can create an eclectic and stylish look, whilst also maintaining functionality. Antique side tables tend to be made of wood, and usually feature a cupboard, shelf or drawer for added storage. Match an antique side table with furniture of a similar style, or paint a vintage piece in a modern colour to create a truly unique piece. In bedrooms, a pair of matching side tables with a cupboard or shelf can be a useful place to store medication, phones, books and glasses during the night. For real trendsetters, bespoke side tables can be made to measure using all kinds of materials, including reclaimed wooden slats, timber, ceramics or fibreglass. Give new life to an old step ladder or storage crate with just a few modifications. Or have a side table made for your unique needs, for instance, with a magazine rack along the side, or a built in cup holder for your coffee.