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About Silk Socks

Silk socks are one of life's little luxuries that are affordable and practical. Made from spun silk, silk socks are lightweight for summer or can be worn as an extra sock liner in colder weather. Silk is a breathable fabric and draws moisture away, leaving you with dry feet. Naturally hypo-allergenic, silk reduces the incidents of dry skin, itching, and eczema. With shorter silk fibres, the knit silk is pliable and has natural stretch. Most silk socks are blended with 20 per cent spandex or other stretchable fabric to increase the quality of fit. Available on eBay in both men?s and women?s styles and sizes, the socks are machine washable and come in a variety of colours. Whether you need ankle- or boot-length, or prefer to show off your legs in thigh-high or pantyhose, there is a silk sock that is just right for you. Go ahead, slip on a pair, and feel the comfort and warmth of silk; you deserve it.