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Whether you are downsizing or moving into your first flat, a single bed serves you well in a small space. It allows plenty of sleeping room while providing more space for other furniture. Choosing a smaller bed doesn't have to sacrifice style.

Find the perfect piece for your room in wood or metal. Maximise space by including storage under the bed or in the headboard. Buy a single bed and make the small space feel bigger.

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About Single Beds

When looking for a particular type of single bed, it is important to consider whether or not this piece of furniture will be used every day. If it is intended for occasional use only, a sofa bed also doubles as a piece of seating furniture - this type of bed is popular in living rooms where it can be converted in a few steps into an area for sleeping. Storage is also an important factor for many people, and this can come in the form of divan drawers, or simply an open area. Divan beds provide the highest amount of stability, and they are essentially provided in two solid pieces for single beds - the divan base and the mattress (it is important to check if the mattress is supplied). Many ranges of divan beds can be supplied in configurations with a number of integrated storage drawers, and some also have a top layer that can be lifted away completely for the storage of larger items. Bunk beds do not always come in a layout that is designed for two children - the lower area can be a fun 'cabin' for storage and play. In terms of comfort, there are various types of mattress that are designed to bring ergonomic benefits to the user. Memory foam mattresses have a top layer of material that moulds itself to the shape of the individual, providing an extra level of support to key areas of the body. Mattress toppers are also a popular feature for protecting the mattress surface underneath, and they add an extra layer of comfort before the bed sheet is laid down.