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About Sony Playstation 3 Controller

The Sony PlayStation 3 controller has several upgraded features from the controllers seen on the PlayStation 1 and 2. However, the position of the buttons on the controller and their functions for use in a game are near identical to the earlier models. This familiar set up of the controls provides continuity to the user, so that anyone familiar with the PlayStation family will not have to relearn how to use the controls. The PlayStation 3 controller is now fully cordless and connects to the games console via Bluetooth technology. This gives great freedom to the user and removes the need for inconvenient and restrictive cabling to play the game. The controllers run on battery power and can be recharged through the console itself or via an independent charger that comes as standard with the console. There is also more functionality with the PlayStation 3 controller than with earlier models. You have the option of turning the console on or off from the controller, which was not previously available. It operates on a six axis system, making it a truly multi-directional controller rather than the more limited options offered earlier. Later models of the PlayStation 3 controller also come with rumble technology for added effect and feedback when gaming, although this was not available on the first models of PlayStation 3. You will have the option of colour to choose from with these controllers. Standard units come in black but more bespoke colouring has been introduced on limited edition models and to increase the range available. There are also larger sized controllers available in later versions of the controller.