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About Spiral Staircases

If you are searching for ways to make your home unique or to the value of the home consider a new spiral staircase. A spiral staircase is based around a central column, which the stairs fan out around. These staircases are great for homeowners wishing to maximize floor space as they take up less room than traditional staircases. Various materials, such as wood, beech, steel, or cast iron, are offered in spiral staircase designs. Contractors can install in a spiral staircase; however, a kit can also be purchased for a do-it-yourself project. The kits are customisable to your needs making it important to know the dimensions required for installing your own staircase. Stairs can range from 110 to 160 centimeters in diameter and can include up to 16 risers. Styles range from traditional to contemporary on eBay ensuring a kit that suits the style of your home is available. If looking for a simple way to maximize the space in your home stylishly, a spiral staircase is for you.