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About Split Charge Relay

A Split charge relay is a handy piece of equipment, especially for people who enjoy camping in wild settings. Typically, split chargers are for use with recreational vehicles, like campervans, motorhomes, and boats, and provide a charging solution for the battery. Split charge relays are readily available on eBay and come in a variety of styles with 12-volt and 24-volt models being those on the smaller end of the scale. Many people use these types of split charge relays for DIY projects when converting vehicles, like a van, into a camper. Larger vehicles, like motorhomes, that require more amperage, often need a more powerful relay, like the 230-volt model, for running multiple small appliances. In order to save time before installing a split charge relay, it is a good idea to make sure that all other tools necessary for the job are on hand, like adequate wiring and fuses. Having a spare split charge relay for unexpected emergencies is never a bad idea either.