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You may be surprised how much a simple tool, like a sport watch, can help you plan your workout routines. Each model comes with specific features to help you reach goals and track your progress.

Use a GPS watch to track the distance of your run, monitor your heart rate, count your steps, time the event, or check the weather before you head out. Think of your sport watch as your own personal trainer.

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About Sport

For many motorists, driving is just as much about pleasure as it is a method of getting from A to B. These drivers favour the power and dynamic handling of sports cars. Such cars range from the sporty versions of relatively modest saloons and hatchbacks to far more specialist vehicles. Mainstream models include the Golf Sport, Clio Sport and Corsa Sport, which all do a good job of adding excitement to the base model. Range Rover may be a relatively late entrant to the sports car market, with the first Range Rover Sport not being produced until 2005, but there is no doubt that the niche is a profitable one for the company. Jaguar Land Rover exports 80% of its cars, with its biggest single market now being China. Performance models like the Sport and Evoque are best sellers. Prestige German marques like BMW and Mercedes have always had a strong presence in the sports car sector but recent entrants to the market are a little more surprising. The Sport van is a hybrid of performance vehicle and load carrier that may seem unusual. Examples like the Transit Sport are favoured by companies and organisations that wish to portray a more dynamic and upmarket image than is possible by running a standard van. While not offering the same type of handling as a Renault Sport vehicle or Fiat Punto Sporting, they do add a new dimension of sporty handling and looks to the standard van. Many examples feature dramatic body kits to add to the excitement.