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About Stepper Motors

A stepper motor, also known as a step motor, is a brushless DC motor and is readily available from reliable eBay sellers. You can also find all of the parts and tools that you need to create your own or refurbish and repair an existing one. At its simplest, a stepper motor is one which has a full rotation broken down into equal steps. These motors are commonly found in slot machines, floppy discs, printers, CD drives, and camera lenses. They are also used for precision control when working with lasers and precision-pointing equipment, such as linear actuators. It is also possible to use a stepper motor in remote control models. Because of the electromagnetic nature of a stepper motor, it is very reliable and produces high torque at low speeds with decreased torque as the speed increases. These motors are versatile and are a great place to start if you are a motor-building novice. Try your hand at electronics and build a useful stepper motor.