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About Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl is a popular chainsaw brand that originates from Germany. Andreas Stihl AG & Company was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, who designed and built the first chainsaw which was powered by electricity, by hand in this year. At the start, growth was slow, as the timing of Stihl's creation coincided with the Great Depression. However, the company subsequently saw a huge rise in fortunes, becoming a name that was synonymous with chainsaws, and the top selling chainsaw manufacturer in the world. The company is also known for its range of equipment for domestic gardens, such as edgers, line trimmers and blowers. Combining intensive research, innovation, ergonomics, a low chainsaw weight and an optimal level of performance, the Stihl chainsaw range evolved over the years to offer a selection of saws to suit a variety of different purposes. Both petrol and electric Stihl saws are available, along with both corded and cordless options. Different models are available for different purposes: the Stihl brand has manufactured chainsaws for property maintenance, landscaping and agriculture, forestry and tree surgery, rescue and more. Stihl became known as the only chainsaw brand that actually produced its own guide bars and saw chains. Chains, bars and other parts can be purchased separately to the equipment itself, and Stihl have also produced a range of workwear designed to protect the chainsaw user. Stihl chainsaw users can also find Stihl branded tools to help them to maintain and repair both domestic and commercial Stihl chainsaws, including a range of different files and gauges, guide bar levellers, chain breakers and more.