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About Stop Smoking

There are a wide range of devices that aid the cessation of smoking, which ultimately leads to better health and more money in your pocket. Stop-smoking aids are available on eBay including nicotine patches, mouth spray, gum, and a range of alternative methods, such as magnet therapy. Two bio-magnets are placed on the outer ear, which help to prevent cravings for cigarettes. The magnets stimulate an acupressure point and release endorphins in the brain. Many stop-smoking products work by releasing a steady amount of nicotine into the bloodstream that helps to control your cravings. Heavy smokers find a nicotine patch works well as they are worn 24 hours a day and prevent the craving for a cigarette when they wake in the morning. e-cigarettes mimic the use of a real cigarette and produce vapour that represents the smoke from a cigarette. e-cigarettes contain nicotine and are available in a range of flavours including chocolate and cherry. Improve your health with the wide range of stop-smoking products available.