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Teardrop beads come as genuine diamonds, pearls, quartz and semi-precious stones, but most are cut or faceted crystal glass or acrylic. Teardrop beads are usually larger than round beads to showcase their shapes.

Faceted teardrop beads catch the light and refract it to rainbow hues. Teardrop beads may be transparent, translucent or opaque, clear glass or tinted in many different colours, perfect for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Give your jewellery a special touch with teardrop beads.

  • teardrop/ mini caravan/ camping pod

    teardrop/ mini caravan/ camping pod

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    The caravan could be used straight away but could do with a weekend or so of tidying up with some fresh paint to some parts of the metal frame and the paint to the woodwork has reacted in a fair few p...
  • Teardrop caravan/Trailer Sleeping Pod

    Teardrop caravan/Trailer Sleeping Pod

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    Teardrop Trailers for sale, I only build about five per year usually to order, Trailers are new, The Teardrops Chassis has been designed specifically for teardrops so that the weight is centralised on...
  • Teardrop caravan

    Teardrop caravan

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    Hello and here for auction is my brand new absolutely stunning all American Route 66 unapproved teardrop trailer. Here is a video that i have made of the teardrop caravan.
  • Teardrop Caravan  with IVA Certificate.

    Teardrop Caravan with IVA Certificate.

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    Teardrop caravan 'Summer Sale' Built on brand new fully galvanised chassis, with certificate. kitchen area has :Sink with 12v tap, running water, cooker double ring burner and grill.


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    From simple box trailers to multi tier canoe trailers, box trailers with long draw bar or ‘A’ frame to carry canoes or kayaks. Motorbike trailers and now teardrop trailers.