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Those looking for a motorcycle that is ultimately easy to ride should consider one in the intuitively designed Honda Transalp line. Whether you are just learning the ropes or have been eschewing four wheels for years, the Transalp takes care of you.

Browse for the model year and features that fit your style and budget. Concentrate on enjoying your ride in traffic or the countryside and not on the health of your reliable Honda engine.

About Transalp

Enjoy the gas efficiency of the Honda Transalp dual-sport motorcycle, as each model, including the Honda Translap 650 and the Honda Translap 600, has a liquid cooled four-stroke 52-degree V-twin engine. The stylish body looks great, and this bike easily moves from track to road. Available in several different colours, motorcycle loves always remark on how stylish this bike looks. Whether you are looking for an older model to restore or a new model with larger tyres, lower saddle and more road-oriented shock absorbers, the best place to get your new or used Honda Transalp motorcycle is from the top-rated sellers on eBay. Many of these sellers even offer free bike transport.