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For many people, one of the most important features of their travel alarm clock is the snooze button.

A backlight lets you read the clock's dial in total darkness, and some AC powered clocks include a USB charging port. Shop for a travel alarm clock that displays the current date and temperature and has an adjustable volume control for the buzzer. If you prefer, find a wind up clock that does not require batteries and has a retro look.

About Travel Alarm Clock

On-the-go people or jet setters need to have all of the conveniences of home with them when they travel, particularly a travel alarm clock. With a travel alarm clock, you don't have to depend on getting a wake up call on time, and you are sure to be up in time for business or pleasure. Some top eBay sellers offer a new or used digital travel alarm clock with plenty of desirable features with P&P included in the price. Choose a travel alarm clock radio so that you can listen to your favourite music as you fall asleep, or to get you moving in the morning.