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Need to lift 2,000 kg? Unless you are Superman, you will need a trolley jack. These relatively small levers are capable of lifting extraordinary amounts of weight and are commonly used in warehouses and garages to lift light vehicles for repairs and maintenance.

A trolley jack handle massive loads thanks to its hydraulic design. They are especially useful in the case of roadside repairs, and many conscientious drivers have one in the boot just in case. Don't get caught without one.

About Trolley Jack

A trolley jack allows you to lift vehicles safely off of the ground when changing a wheel or other mechanical maintenance that requires your car to be off of the ground. Trolley jacks are available on eBay and can be purchased in both a new and used condition. Buyers should check the maximum weight that a trolley jack is able to lift before purchasing. The range of trolley jacks can usually lift between 500 kg and 10 tonnes. Trolley jacks are very compact and ideal for keeping in the boot of a car in case of a flat tyre. Trolley jacks generally have a lifting range of between 14 cm and 34 cm and have an automatic safety overload valve to prevent too much weight being placed on the jack. Some trolley jacks have an extra-long handle to make lifting the vehicle easier. Use a trolley jack and be able to change your car quickly and easily without the need to call a mechanic.