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About UGG Boots Size 5

UGG boots have come a long way since their humble beginnings as practical indoor footwear. They are available in a range of sizes on eBay, but size 5 UGG boots may be the perfect fit for you. Surfers brought this footwear to the UK after discovering it on their trips to Australia. These boots have become part of the footwear collection of people of all ages and interests. Fans love the comfort and amazing warmth the footwear offers. Original UGG boots are made of sheepskin and lined with fleece. The manufacturer has branched out with leather boots, and you can find all varieties in numerous of colours, from neutral tan, black, and grey, to vibrant blue, pink, green, and multicoloured patterns. Size 5 UGG boots are among the most popular size. They have a low, flat heel and range from ankle high to knee high. Size 5 UGG slippers are perfect for a cosy night at home or everyday wear when you are on the go.