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UPVC doors offer beauty, character and most of all, durability to your building. Double glazed for strength and fashion, each door is comprised of the best materials around, yet remain surprisingly affordable.

UPVC doors come in many different styles and sizes. From front to back to side doors, just take your pick. Sliding glass models are also available and are made of heavy glass and reinforced wood product for your safety.

  • UPVC Back Door Rosewood and White Rear Door and frame with glass 840mm * 2060mm

    UPVC Back Door Rosewood and White Rear Door and frame with glass 840mm * 2060mm

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    Size of the frame section is 840mm * 2060mm and the window section is 99mm * 51.5mm. We are having an extension built and as a result this door has been removed.
  • upvc door and frame brown

    upvc door and frame brown

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    Used upvc door and frame and sill and door trims in woodgrain brown door is in good condition and comes with a key frame size is 2050mm high with out sill sill is 35mm so frame and sill is 2085 mm hig...
  • upvc door and frame

    upvc door and frame

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    UPVC door and frame for sale, was on our house for 1 year then I swapped to a rock door and this has sat I the garage since. No reserve price, just want the space. Needs a clean but it is in very good...
  • Upvc Front Door And Frame

    Upvc Front Door And Frame

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    Very good and clean upvc front door all working, 81.5 x 35 inches brick opening needed to fit,will need new lock barrel as no keys (£10 off eBay 5 minutes to swap, just one screw!


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    Used upvc double glazed door and frame good condition minor light scuffs with a used item some tiny hairline cracks on moulded bit of panel tried to show in pictures been filled hardly noticeable and ...

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About UPVC Doors

A uPVC door can be used on the front or the rear of the property to provide security and to reduce outside noise, while providing a long lasting and durable solution that does not require regular maintenance.

Replacing Your uPVC Door

One of the benefits of a uPVC door is that it is long lasting and durable. However, there will come a point when your existing door has seen better days, and needs replacement. By updating and upgrading your doors, it is possible to further cut exterior noise, provide greater warmth inside the property, and ensure that security is retained for both the front and rear entrances. Buying a good quality door is important, but you don’t have to break the bank to afford quality.


The primary purpose of both the front and rear door is to provide security to your home. Modern doors not only include features like metal panels and reinforced metal frames, but they also include highly secure locks that are virtually impossible to break or pick. When buying a new door, always ensure that you buy one with a high security rating, because this will help to ensure that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has become very important to the modern homeowner. Replacing old windows and doors is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you enjoy an efficient home that doesn’t needlessly burn energy. Check the energy rating of any door that you buy. Those with a rating of A, or A+ are considered the most efficient and will prevent the vast majority of heat energy from escaping your property.

Noise Reduction

Another benefit of efficient glazing and uPVC is that it can prevent noise from getting in, as well as heat from getting out. If you live on a busy, main road, then traffic noise can become a real nuisance. uPPVC doors not only insulate for warmth, but they also insulate for noise reduction, making them a solid choice whether you live in a peaceful area or suffer from a lot of exterior noise.

Low Maintenance

uPVC is a very durable and hardy material. It requires little maintenance, in the form of fixing, and the only regular work that you will need to undertake is oiling the lock and hinge mechanisms, and possibly wiping the plastic clean. Cleaning the door requires very little effort, and can be done with a warm and soapy cloth. No special cleaning products are required, and all but the most stubborn and difficult dirt and debris will wash away with a single wipe, or even with the hose pipe.

A Cost Effective Door Solution

Because uPVC is long lasting, requires very little maintenance, and helps reduce energy bills, it is a cost effective material when used for windows and doors. Annual savings on your heating will add up so that buying a good quality door with the best possible energy rating and efficiency will provide you with long term cost savings. The strength of a modern uPVC door also means that it will not replacing for the foreseeable future and you will be able to enjoy a long life of warm, peaceful, and low maintenance ownership. What’s more, as well as single pane front and rear doors, you can also buy French windows and patio doors made from the same beneficial uPVC material.