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Van racking—a strange name for a useful item, which allows you to take lots of smaller tools and parts along with you in order to have access to them when you need it.

What you need is van racking, a modular system of metal or wooden racks that are bolted and screwed into the back of your van. Because van racking is modular, you can always find a system that fits into your van.

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About Van Racking

Staying organised in your van will never be easier than when you install all sorts of van racking solutions. Whether you are trying to store tools for use on jobs, retail products for delivery, or something else, the right racking system puts everything in its place so you can always find what you are looking for. A key consideration is weight; a system should be light enough that it does not weigh down your van considerably, which will help with fuel economy. A modular system with piecemeal components that can be replaced, upgraded, or rearranged as needed is a good investment. You should also choose a racking system that is crash tested to ensure its performance in the event of a worst-case scenario. If the storage inside of your van is not enough, you can also find exterior, roof-mounting racking systems for additional storage or long trips. Reclaim the space in your van and create a space for everything thanks to a van racking system.