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    How to Buy Vintage Tea Sets on eBay

    Although the tradition of taking afternoon tea has long been associated with British culture, the first tea sets can be traced back to the Han Dynasty in China, as early as 260 BC. In Eastern culture,...

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    Cup and Saucer Set Buying Guide

    Cups and saucers allow you to serve tea and coffee with grace and refinement. Delicate cups and saucers bring a touch of sophistication and class to the most informal gathering. You can find cup and saucer...

  • Published byebayguides
    How to Display Mismatched Tea Sets

    There are many different ways in which a person may acquire a tea set, including upon marriage or as a housewarming gift. A matching tea set can be a very elegant way to serve tea to guests and even for...

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About Vintage Tea Cups

Every home should have a selection of fine china or artistic tableware. It gives off a sense of style, class and sophistication that a mug or simple cup and saucer simply cannot achieve. When choosing the type and style for you it is best to look at vintage products, as these have stood the test of time and remain as desirable and relevant today as they did when they were created. You will have a huge selection available to you, from bone china to porcelain, art deco to Queen Anne or Edwardian. The patterns and designs of vintage tea cup have often been lovingly created by artists rather than stamped out en masse by machines. You get a real sense of craftsmanship and skill from a good piece that cannot be replicated using modern manufacturing techniques, and when you drink from them you know that you are holding a piece of history rather than just a drinks container. Different countries and regions specialised in different types of tea cup, from design pattern to cup shape and style to materials used. These have evolved over the years to provide an incalculable number of variations and choices. Take the time to explore the exquisite detailing and innovative designs and you will find a vintage set of tea cups that fits you perfectly. Vintage tea cups are a great way to add character and style to your home, to impress guests or to simply enjoy a cup of tea in luxury. Why have a bog standard, boring mug when you could have a sumptuous, loving crafted piece of art.