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About VW Campervan

There are many long-standing traditions when it comes to VW Campervans, and most of these revolve around the ability to add customised and personal touches to this type of vehicle. Although these models have always rolled off the production line with a very similar design and list of features, most owners of this VW classic take it upon themselves to develop their vehicle into something that is entirely unique. This tradition for customisation has led to a thriving trade in second-hand VW Campervans and the associated accessories, and many owners have managed to buck the general trend for depreciating resale values amongst used vehicles. The traditional VW Campervan design is a classic style that is instantly recognisable by enthusiasts and casual fans alike, and the addition of a 'pop top' allows a greater number of users to sleep and live in comfort. When it comes to moving on to the next location, this can simply be lowered to return the vehicle to its original dimensions. It is also important to consider that when purchasing some of the models that are particularly rare in the UK, it may be necessary to choose a left-hand drive version. Other Volkswagen vehicles can be found that have been converted into equivalent Campervans, such as the VW Transporter. While these vehicles do not traditionally allow much light to enter the vehicle, it is possible to find conversions where windows have been added to give the overall look of the traditional Campervan. Due to the original dimensions of the VW Transporter, these conversions also tend to be just as spacious on the inside.