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When dealing with loose gravel, sandy areas, and uneven dirt, a wacker plate helps you pat down the ground evenly to lay safe, solid paving material. Whether you intend to pave a driveway, lay out walkway paving stones, or install a strong sub-base for a building, a wacker plate ensures the ground is compacted.

Use a petrol compactor tamper plate for tarmacs and gravels, and ensure smooth paving ground. A wacker plate is a necessity for construction or paving work.

About Wacker Plates

A compactor is a machine used to reduce the volume of waste material or soil, and this has many applications. In the construction industry, three main types of compactor are used, including the vibratory plate compactor. This style of compactor uses a large vibrating baseplate to ram down soil or other material to create a level surface. The other types are the 'jackhammer' style rammer, which has a smaller plate and is used in narrow trenches, and the roller type, used to crush rock as a base for road laying. The term wacker (pronounced whacker) plate is commonly used in Britain to describe a vibratory plate compactor. This refers to both the function of the plate - to whack material flat - and to Wacker Neuson, a popular Munich-based international manufacturer of plate compactors. Johann Christian Wacker founded the Wacker (correctly pronounced 'vacker') blacksmithy in Dresden in 1848. Around 1930, the first electric rammer was produced, and Wacker began to focus on light construction equipment. The Munich headquarters were established after World War II, and by 1957 the company was expanding internationally. Restructured in 2002 as Wacker Construction Equipment AG, it acquired wheel loader manufacturers Weidemann, Drillfix AG and American company Ground Heaters Inc over subsequent years, and merged with Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen in 2007 to create Wacker Neuson. Although it has a broad range of construction-related products, it still focuses on compaction technology. The term wacker plate may refer to a Wacker Neuson branded product, or be used as a generic to describe a vibratory plate compactor made by one of several manufacturers in the field.