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The category of wooden sideboard known as a Welsh dresser has a place in many people's hearts. Its original purpose, that of dressing meats before serving, changed over time, and now the Welsh dresser has acquired the role of rustic display cabinet.

For a cosy home, consider tracking down a blonde pine Welsh dresser, either antique or reproduction, to adorn the family dining room, perhaps in time for Christmas dinner.

About Welsh Dressers

Welsh dressers are tall pieces of furniture that consist of a chest of drawers, or cabinet at the bottom, topped by a long flat board, with an open shelving unit at the top. The shelves are nearly always relatively shallow compared with the cabinet section, so that they appear to be set back. They originated in England and Wales in the 1600s and were used for preparing and storing food in the kitchen. They were also known as pewter cupboards. Welsh dressers are both practical and decorative, as the cabinet section is perfect for storing crockery, cooking pots and equipment, or food items, while the shelves are perfect for displaying decorative crockery. In fact, during the 19th century, different styles of crockery were developed specially to fill the shelves of Welsh dressers. These dressers are available in a variety of different wood, including pine, oak, or maple, while some are made of wood veneer or MDF. Some dressers are painted, usually in pale white, cream, or grey, while others feature the beauty of the natural wood, which can be waxed or varnished. They come in different sizes and to suit different budgets and while they may have originally been designed for the kitchen, they are equally well suited to rooms such as the dining room, living room, or conservatory. They can have different styles of handles and some models have attractive carved wood, especially on the edges of the shelf unit. Some models have glazed cabinets instead of shelves. Welsh dressers often consist of two units, so that the shelf unit sits on top of the cabinet unit, which makes them easier to transport. It is also possible to obtain Welsh dresser tops separately.