About Xbox Games

Games consoles have long been an alternative for gamers to computers, flourishing as dedicated gaming machines with intuitive controls and easy access to the joy of videogames, for people of all ages. From the original 8-bit consoles through to the powerful next-gen machines we have today, gaming has evolved to incorporate huge technological developments, shifting cultural demands, multimedia and social networking trends and all the potential that interaction with the Internet has to offer. In today's market, games consoles offer far more than their founders could have imagined. Microsoft's Xbox consoles are a prominent figure in the recent advances in the nature of gaming as a cultural pastime. Microsoft introduced Xbox Live, enabling console gamers to share in the initiative that computer gamers had enjoyed for some time already: multiplayer gaming over the Internet. This concept grew exponentially on the next-gen platform of the Xbox 360. The ultimate form this new console has taken allows for a built-in hard drive of up to 500GB, and its processing power and graphics capabilities have allowed some incredibly complex gaming worlds to be created. Then, via Xbox Live, these gaming worlds can be populated by players from all over the globe to compete, co-operate, share and chat, providing supreme entertainment and memorable experiences for friends to enjoy. Parental controls can, of course, be implemented to protect children from mature content. The large hard drive has also brought the multimedia culture to Xbox 360. Live members can now access social networks, Internet browsers, television channels, game downloads, streaming or downloadable films/music, as well as synchronising mobile phones and PCs all via their Xbox 360 console. With all this added to the brilliant games and their enormous multiplayer capabilities, it's no wonder the Xbox brand is the number one choice for millions of gamers worldwide.

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