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About Xbox 360 Controller

The improved ergonomic design of the Xbox 360 controller provides the user with maximum comfort, reduces fatigue, and allows for an extended playing time. The controller has easy-to-use right and left shoulder buttons, two analogue pressure-point triggers, and is comfortable for both right and left-handed players. It has two vibration feedback motors for greater motion sensing and three levels of rumble control. The Xbox 360 wireless controller frees you from restrictive cables, and has a range of up to 9 metres. The eight-way directional pad and centralised, illuminated button means that you can make quick, precise movements. The device also acts as a remote control for your entertainment system, giving you easy access to films and music. Its integrated headset port is useful for Xbox Live play. It is easy to install; just plug and play. Choose an Xbox 360 controller in matte black, vibrant red, brilliant blue, pretty pink, or bright white. Upgrade your controller on eBay and start playing with a new edge.