02 X2 Mobile Phone

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02 are one of the biggest mobile phone networks in the world but they make mobile phones too. This review is of the 02 X2 which is quite old now but this does not mean it is a load of junk.

The 02 X2 is a neat flip phone which is light in weight and small enough to fit into a pocket. It has a superb mirrored effect on the front with a small screen displaying time and various designs that you can choose. When someone is calling you it also displays the name of the caller and their number. The inside screen is small but bright. The buttons are flat and, in time, easy to use. They also light up so you can use the phone easily in day or night.

Feature-wise, the 02 X2 has the standard text messaging capabilities and the ability to send and receive photos, ringtones and voice memos. You can also connect to 02 Active (please go to the 02 website to find out more about this) and download and play games. There is only one pre-loaded game on the phone at first. The phone also has an inbuilt camera which, although not the best quality, is a useful feature.

There are a wide range of ringtones and you can download new ones or make your own if you want to. The battery life is pretty good but the memory space could be better, especially if you want lots of photos. It has a voice recorder, calendar, alarm clock, to do list, calculator, stop watch and other organising tools.

To protect the 02 X2 from damage their is a great accessory available. It is a magnetic-close pouch which keeps the phone protected at all times. There are accessories in the box which include a wall charger.

With so many new mobile phones nowadays it seems people are forgetting about some of the less known phones which are also great. The 02 X2 would make a superb first phone and with it not being too popular, you can grab yourself a bargain on ebay as they tend to be quite cheap.

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